Aerosol Can Material .


Aerosol can material: The general metal can is thick, and the thickness of the can cover is thicker than the material of the cylinder.

How to make and operate aerosol cans
The basic principle of an aerosol can is very simple: use one fluid stored under high pressure to push another fluid out of the spray can.

By fluid is meant any substance composed of free-flowing particles. It includes liquid substances, such as water coming out of a faucet, and gaseous substances, such as air in the atmosphere.
Although there are weaker binding forces between the particles in the liquid, they are still able to move relatively freely.

Because the particles are bound together, a liquid at a constant temperature has a fixed volume.
If you apply enough energy to the fluid (by heating it), the particles in the fluid vibrate so violently that they break the force that holds them together. In this way, the liquid becomes a gas, a fluid whose constituent particles can move independently.

What products can an aerosol filling machine fill?
At present, the application fields of aerosol filling machines are very wide, such as medicine, industry, daily chemical, wedding, etc.

Products cover personal care: mousse, hair spray, gel, shampoo, moisturizing spray, shaving foam, antiperspirant, sunscreen spray

Insecticides: Insecticide aerosols? Mosquito incense, fly incense?

Car care: Carburetor cleaner, car wax, foam cleaner, tire care, anti-fog, glass cleaner 

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