What are the advantages of colored glass bottles over clear glass bottles?


Can colored glass bottles really replace the use of clear glass bottles? Here is a little analysis. There are many kinds of glass bottles on the market, and each glass bottle has its own uses and characteristics, so what are the advantages of colored glass bottles over clear glass bottles?

Stained glass bottle is a brown glass bottle characterized by protection from light corrosion. Although the color is brown, the glass bottle has high brightness, novel appearance and high brightness. The bottle can be customized according to customer requirements. The selected raw material is soda lime glass, which has the characteristics of alkali resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance and good chemical stability.

The bright glass bottle also has its advantages, the bottle body is bright, the characteristics can be imagined, the brightness is good, the intuitiveness is good, and the surface is smooth and round. The bottle can be printed with words, logos, pictures, warnings, slogans, etc.

If it is smooth and smooth, but the shading property is not as good as the brown bottle. However, colorful bottles are not as intuitive as bright glass bottles. The raw material is soda lime glass, and some are glass bottles with high borosilicate and low borosilicate. There are many varieties and various bottle types, but the brown glass bottle is not easy to be made of borosilicate raw materials and high borosilicate raw materials except sodium calcium raw materials. 

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